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    Diversity & Inclusion

    Advancing a Culture of Inclusion

    At Comcast NBCUniversal, we strive to make every employee feel valued and respected for who they are and the unique contributions they make. We believe that a diverse and inclusive company is a more innovative and successful company, which is why we aim to infuse diversity and inclusion (D&I) into all aspects of our culture and our business. For us, D&I is not a program — it is a central element of our credo and our DNA. Our approach to D&I is focused on five key pillars: Governance, Workforce, Supplier Diversity, Programming, and Community Impact.

    Outline of four people over the statistic 62%.

    62% of our employees were women or people of color at year-end 2018

    Outline of two hands shaking over the statistic $18B.

    $18B+ spent with diverse Tier I suppliers since year-end 2010

    Outlines of a TV monitor and remote over the statistic 100+.

    100+ diverse networks on Xfinity platforms

    Values Report

    Three Comcast employees — two female, one male  — sitting on a red sofa  talking

    Our Values in Action: 2019 Report

    Read our 2019 Report, which highlights some of the key priorities that reflect our company’s values, as well as the stories that help bring those values to life each and every day.

    Our Five Focus Areas

    A woman smiles as she holds a microphone at a Comcast NBCUniversal Joint Diversity Advisory Council meeting.


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