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    Two children sit at a table and smile while typing on a laptop.

    Internet Essentials

    Connecting 6 Million Low-Income Americans

    For today’s families, a home internet connection is more essential than ever. Since 2011, Internet Essentials from Comcast has connected more than six million low-income Americans to low-cost, high-speed Internet at home so that students, parents, seniors and now veterans can be ready for anything.

    We are at our best when we use the power of connection to make the world a better place.
    David L. Cohen
    Senior Executive Vice President & Chief Diversity Officer

    Values Report

    Two children sit together and use a laptop.

    Our Values in Action: 2019 Report

    Read our 2019 Report, which highlights some of the key priorities that reflect our company’s values, as well as the stories that help bring those values to life each and every day.

    View Our Progress

    Our Progress

    Internet Essentials is about far more than bringing high-speed internet into a home: It is about designing and delivering a program that addresses the three main barriers to high speed internet service at home in a way that meets people where they are, in the own language, on their own time.

    $550m invested in digital literacy training and awareness, reaching more than 8.5m people. 85k computers provided to low-income Americans. 6m low-income Americans connected to high-speed internet.

    Our Impact

    93% have seen a positive impact on their child's grades. 98% use the service for schoolwork. 62% said the service has helped them or someone in their family find a job.

    Our Impact

    Before subscribing to Internet Essentials, 90% of the program's customers did not have a broadband internet subscription at home. With Internet Essentials, the daily lives of families are dramatically impacted: Students can connect to educational resources, parents can search for better jobs, and everyone is more connected to the world.

    Our Continued Commitment

    A man uses his tablet as he sits in a field of grass.

    Expanding to Low-Income Veterans

    A commitment to veterans and the military community is one of our core values, which is why we are expanding eligibility to 1 million low-income veterans.

    Internet Adoption Across America

    Today, one in four American households do not have an Internet connection at home. We created Internet Essentials so that every American across Comcast's service area has equal access to the opportunities that a home Internet connection offers.

    1 in 4 American households do not have an Internet connection at home. Only 53% of households making less than $30,000 annually have an in-home internet subscription.

    Press Materials

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